Wiltshire - Avebury and Castle Combe
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Thumbnail 20061202-142739--IMG_3211.jpg: Avebury: Sarsens Thumbnail 20061202-143641--IMG_3216.jpg: Avebury: Sarsens Thumbnail 20061202-143823--IMG_3217.jpg: Avebury: Sarsens Thumbnail 20061202-144929--IMG_3222.jpg: Avebury: Sarsens Thumbnail 20061202-162845--IMG_3229.jpg: Silbury Hill nr Avebury:
Thumbnail 20061202-164528--IMG_3232.jpg: West Kennet Long Barrow nr Avebury:  Thumbnail 20061203-150545--IMG_3238.jpg: Castle Combe: Market Cross (C 14th) Thumbnail 20061203-150612--IMG_3239.jpg: Castle Combe: Main St Thumbnail 20061203-151205--IMG_3250.jpg: Castle Combe: Bybrook Thumbnail 20061203-151938--IMG_3256.jpg: Castle Combe: Manor House Hotel

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