Raglan Castle and Hill Walking
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Thumbnail 20091017-120541--IMG_4177.jpg: Raglan Castle: main gatehouse Thumbnail 20091017-124207--IMG_4185.jpg: Raglan Castle: view from the Great Tower Thumbnail 20091017-145816--IMG_4192.jpg: Crug Mawr: across the uplands to the south Thumbnail 20091017-151933--IMG_4196.jpg: Crug Mawr: across the uplands to the west Thumbnail 20091017-162347--IMG_4200.jpg: Crug Mawr: across the valley to more uplands
Thumbnail 20091017-164137--IMG_4204.jpg: Crug Mawr: farmlands in the valley Thumbnail 20091017-222029--IMG_4205.jpg: Michael Lee, Stuart & Judy finishing off some Polish vodka

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