West Cornwall
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Thumbnail 20080320-130702--STA_8277-domes1.jpg: Eden Project:  Thumbnail 20080320-132056--IMG_8287.jpg: Eden Project: Floral bee Thumbnail 20080320-140204--IMG_8296.jpg: Eden Project: Inside the Mediterranean Dome Thumbnail 20080320-170226--IMG_8322.jpg: Eden Project:  Thumbnail 20080320-171900--IMG_8327.jpg: Eden Project: Heather in flower
Thumbnail 20080321-123639--IMG_8329.jpg: Pendennis Castle: Victorian barracks Thumbnail 20080321-123918--IMG_8333.jpg: Pendennis Castle: Tudor gun platform Thumbnail 20080321-171421--IMG_8385.jpg: St Anthony: Gillan Harbour Thumbnail 20080322-112747--STA_8429-sennencove2.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End: Sennen Cove Thumbnail 20080322-120700--STA_8445-landsendtocapecornwall.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End:
Thumbnail 20080322-121553--IMG_8462.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End:  Thumbnail 20080322-125002--IMG_8483.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End:  Thumbnail 20080322-131148--STA_8497-landsend.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End:  Thumbnail 20080322-134344--IMG_8508.jpg: Sennen Cove - Land's End: Nanjizal (Mill Bay) Thumbnail 20080322-153906--IMG_8518.jpg: Porthcurno:
Thumbnail 20080322-153915--STA_8519-porthcurno.jpg: Porthcurno:  Thumbnail 20080322-155242--STA_8533-minack1.jpg: Porthcurno: Minack Theatre Thumbnail 20080322-171642--IMG_8555.jpg: Porthcurno: Levan Thumbnail 20080322-172351--IMG_8558.jpg: Porthcurno: Cross Thumbnail 20080323-130932--IMG_8600.jpg: St Agnes Beacon: Wheal Coates Mine
Thumbnail 20080323-132124--IMG_8616.jpg: St Agnes Beacon: Chapel Porth Thumbnail 20080323-141730--IMG_8620.jpg: St Agnes Beacon: On St Agnes Beacon Thumbnail 20080323-173944--STA_8661-hellsmouth.jpg: Hell's Mouth - Navax Point:  Thumbnail 20080323-175151--IMG_8690.jpg: Hell's Mouth - Navax Point: Shetland ponies at the Knavocks Thumbnail 20080324-131053--IMG_8719.jpg: Pendeen Watch - Cape Cornwall: Levant Beam Engine
Thumbnail 20080324-140850--IMG_8730.jpg: Pendeen Watch - Cape Cornwall: Crowns Mine, Botallack Head Thumbnail 20080324-141929--IMG_8731.jpg: Pendeen Watch - Cape Cornwall:  Thumbnail 20080324-143216--STA_8742-capecornwall.jpg: Pendeen Watch - Cape Cornwall: Cape Cornwall Thumbnail 20080324-144559--IMG_8752.jpg: Pendeen Watch - Cape Cornwall:  Thumbnail 20080325-132043--STA_8825-HighCove.jpg: Bedruthen Steps: High Cove
Thumbnail 20080325-140823--IMG_8840.jpg: Bedruthen Steps: Park Head Thumbnail 20080325-143252--STA_8859-steps2.jpg: Bedruthen Steps:  Thumbnail 20080325-143711--IMG_8869.jpg: Bedruthen Steps:  Thumbnail 20080325-144028--IMG_8872.jpg: Bedruthen Steps:  Thumbnail 20080325-145543--STA_8877-steps3.jpg: Bedruthen Steps:
Thumbnail 20080325-145641--IMG_8884.jpg: Bedruthen Steps:  Thumbnail 20080325-161408--IMG_8900.jpg: Bedruthen Steps: after the tide had come in a bit

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