Tyntesfield and Prior's Wood
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Thumbnail 20110514-122021--IMG_0204.jpg: Tyntesfield: front of the house and new Monkey Puzzle tree Thumbnail 20110514-122148--IMG_0205.jpg: Tyntesfield: formal gardens at the front of the house Thumbnail 20110514-122306--IMG_0206.jpg: Tyntesfield: side of the house and chapel Thumbnail 20110514-124915--IMG_0208.jpg: Tyntesfield: rose garden (without roses because the deer eat them) Thumbnail 20110514-134735--IMG_0211.jpg: Tyntesfield: kitchen garden cherry and apricot trees
Thumbnail 20110514-140454--IMG_0215.jpg: Tyntesfield: chapel Thumbnail 20110514-140940--IMG_0216.jpg: Tyntesfield: chapel Thumbnail 20110514-142310--IMG_0221.jpg: Tyntesfield: side of the house and gardens Thumbnail 20110514-155451--IMG_0223.jpg: Prior's Wood: bluebells Thumbnail 20110514-160007--IMG_0231.jpg: Prior's Wood: bluebells
Thumbnail 20110514-160144--IMG_0234.jpg: Prior's Wood: bluebells Thumbnail 20110514-163025--IMG_0239.jpg: Prior's Wood: bluebells Thumbnail 20110514-163635--IMG_0243.jpg: Prior's Wood:

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