Bradford-on-Avon, Kennett and Avon Canal
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Thumbnail 20100801-120007--IMG_7459.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: St. Laurence's Church (left) and Holy Trinity Church (behind) Thumbnail 20100801-121815--IMG_7463.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: Catholic Church Thumbnail 20100801-124128--IMG_7468.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: Tithe Barn Thumbnail 20100801-124657--IMG_7475-IMG_7479_fused.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: Tithe Barn Thumbnail 20100801-124815--IMG_7480.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: Tithe Barn
Thumbnail 20100801-125147--IMG_7483.jpg: Bradford-on-Avon: Tithe Barn Thumbnail 20100801-130650--IMG_7486.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal Thumbnail 20100801-154052--IMG_7494.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal: Dundas aqueduct Thumbnail 20100801-154149--IMG_7495.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal: Somerset Coal Canal Thumbnail 20100801-164603--IMG_7499.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal
Thumbnail 20100801-165524--IMG_7500.jpg: Bathampton: St Nicholas Church Thumbnail 20100801-165809--IMG_7502.jpg: Bathampton: St Nicholas Church: Arthur Phillip memorial Thumbnail 20100801-170639--IMG_7504.jpg: Bathampton: St Nicholas Church: coats of arms in the Australia Chapel Thumbnail 20100801-173631--IMG_7507.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal through Bath Thumbnail 20100801-175246--IMG_7510.jpg: Kennet and Avon Canal through Bath

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