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Thumbnail 20050910-110828--IMG_0259.jpg: Waikiki Beach, looking towards Diamond Head Crater Thumbnail 20050918-074736--IMG_0294.jpg: Haleakala volcano crater Thumbnail 20050918-083333--IMG_0299.jpg: Hiking across the crater floor, Haleakala volcano crater Thumbnail 20050918-142323---volcanosunset.jpg:  Thumbnail 20050918-142945--IMG_0335.jpg: Moonrise from the summit (~10000 feet), Haleakala volcano crater
Thumbnail 20050920-065410--IMG_0339.jpg: Iao Needle, Iao Valley (Maui) Thumbnail 20050921-105256--IMG_0373.jpg: Walking through bamboo forest in the Kipahulu Valley, near Hana Thumbnail 20050921-110955---waterfall2.jpg:  Thumbnail 20050921-133802--IMG_0392.jpg: Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu Beach) near Hana

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