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Thumbnail 20101024-184950--IMG_8794.jpg: ESRF: synchrotron ring & beamlines Thumbnail 20101024-185022--IMG_8795.jpg: ESRF: above the storage ring Thumbnail 20101024-213835--IMG_8804.jpg: ESRF: ID27 High Pressure Beamline: inside the hutch, sample in centre with Eddie behind Thumbnail 20101025-004205--IMG_8807.jpg: ESRF: ID27 High Pressure Beamline Thumbnail 20101025-135143--IMG_8810.jpg: ESRF: ESRF building
Thumbnail 20101025-181006--IMG_8811.jpg: ESRF: view of the ILL from the bedroom window at the guesthouse Thumbnail 20101025-204254--IMG_8813.jpg: ESRF:  Thumbnail 20101026-144146--IMG_8835.jpg: Grenoble: Bastille: view over Grenoble Thumbnail 20101026-144209--STA_8836-20101026-144243--STG_8842.jpg: Grenoble: Bastille: view over Grenoble Thumbnail 20101026-153221--IMG_8858.jpg: Grenoble: Bastille
Thumbnail 20101026-155657--IMG_8863.jpg: Grenoble: Bastille: view over Grenoble Thumbnail 20101026-155729--IMG_8864.jpg: Grenoble: Bastille Thumbnail 20101026-175312--IMG_8889.jpg: Grenoble: Place St-André Thumbnail 20101026-175421--IMG_8891.jpg: Grenoble: looking across the Isère to the Bastille Thumbnail 20101026-185318--IMG_8900.jpg: Grenoble: Place de Verdun
Thumbnail 20101027-081156--IMG_8903.jpg: ESRF: ILL from the guesthouse Thumbnail 20101027-081509--IMG_8906.jpg: ESRF: synchrotron and mountains Thumbnail 20101027-134057--IMG_8910.jpg: ESRF: mountains Thumbnail 20101027-170844--IMG_8913.jpg: Flying out of Lyon: Mont Blanc

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