Northern Territory
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Thumbnail 20050606-170934--IMG_9876.jpg: Litchfield NP: Buley Rockhole Thumbnail 20050607-161623--IMG_9894.jpg: Litchfield NP: Wangi Falls, above the falls Thumbnail 20050610-112224--IMG_0033.jpg: Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) NP: 2nd Gorge Thumbnail 20050610-115223--IMG_0037.jpg: Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) NP: rapids at top of 2nd Gorge Thumbnail 20050610-165110--IMG_0043.jpg: Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) NP: View over 1st Gorge
Thumbnail 20050611-140433--IMG_0058.jpg: Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) NP: Leliyn (Edith Falls). Lower falls Thumbnail 20050611-181409--IMG_0062.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water boardwalk at sunset.  Thumbnail 20050611-182643--IMG_0064.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water boardwalk at sunset. White-bellied Sea Eagle nest. Thumbnail 20050612-121924--IMG_0094.jpg: Kakadu NP: Jim Jim Falls Thumbnail 20050612-142503--IMG_0098.jpg: Kakadu NP: Twin Falls
Thumbnail 20050613-073102--IMG_0118.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water sunrise cruise Thumbnail 20050613-075120--IMG_0121.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water sunrise cruise. White-bellied Sea Eagles. Usually seen in pairs. Thumbnail 20050613-081947--IMG_0125.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water sunrise cruise. Crocodile. Thumbnail 20050613-084230--IMG_0132.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water sunrise cruise.  Thumbnail 20050613-084355--IMG_0133.jpg: Kakadu NP: Yellow Water sunrise cruise.
Thumbnail 20050613-171901--anbangbangbillabong.jpg: Kakadu NP: Nourlangie Rock and Anbangbang Billabong Thumbnail 20050613-175004--IMG_0181.jpg: Kakadu NP: Nawurlandja.  Thumbnail 20050614-142956--IMG_0186.jpg: Kakadu NP: Bardedjilidji (near Ubirr). Worn sandstone pancakes.  Thumbnail 20050614-150012--IMG_0190.jpg: Kakadu NP: Bardedjilidji (near Ubirr).  Thumbnail 20050614-181633--IMG_0206.jpg: Kakadu NP: Ubirr, Nadab lookout.
Thumbnail 20050615-121852--IMG_0226.jpg: Kakadu NP: Mamukala wetlands. Lilly. Thumbnail 20050615-184224--IMG_0232.jpg: Darwin, East Point Reserve, Dudley Point. Sunset.

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